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Are you looking for a virtual intake tool?

Use Intake is for organizations who need to virtually intake new clients. Interact face-to-face with your audience & build stronger relationships

What we do

We help you virtually & simply intake new

Create a Friendly Visual Process

Create a simple virtual intake process using video where clients see your friendly face allowing you to maintain a personal approach

Free up your time

Free up time entering & correcting information & data

Easy Scheduling & Booking

Let people book some time with your team using one of our calendar integrations
Video Guider
Video Guider

Welcome your clients with a friendly face & instructions

Self Sufficiency Matrix
Easy Setup

Easy to set up and we do it all for you

Automate Appointments
Automate Appointments

Make it easy to schedule follow up meetings, either in person or virtually

Calendar integrations we support includeHubspot Meetings

Interactive IntakeAutomate Appointments

Basic Monthly


Virtually Intake up to 40 new clients each month

Silver Monthly


Virtually Intake up to 100 new clients each month

Customized welcome guide


Working with a large number of clients?
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Simplify Your Process

Simplifying Intake

Covid has been in necessary to provide services virtually.
Here is how you can streamline your intake process.
Push the start button, ask a question/s, and share your link.
Easy and done. Use video, audio, and text 

Create a simple virtual intake process

It is simple
It is intuitive
It is easy to use
And we set it up for you

Embedd on your website

Embed Use Intake on your website making it easy for your clients to connect with you

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Use Intake simplifies the process for you, your team and your clients

  • Easier for clients
  • Easier for you
  • Let people engage with you via video, audio, or text
  • Eliminate Data Entry
  • Let people schedule an appointment through your calendar
  • Save time reviewing forms

What is your dream feature


Community Developer
United Way
“Use Intake helped us simplify our process and create the option to virtually intake clients”
Patricia M.
Employment Coach
“This was so mind blowingly simple that our team was able to onboard more clients”
Omar S.
Client Intake Lead
“I’m not the most tech savvy person but this was so simple to use”

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